IP Surveillance Camera Systems

Our IP cameras can integrate into your existing local area network and with the DVR, and provide 24 hour streaming/recording of all activity. Additionally, we provide remote access from any pc, smartphone or tablet.

IP Surveillance Cameras

We offer a portfolio of full HD vandal and weather-proof IP surveillance cameras that range from outdoor cameras with water-shielded, resistant casing to protect against vandalism and harsh weather conditions, while capturing excellent image quality. In addition we offer a range of indoor cameras featuring 5-megapixel resolution and high-performance H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG · If an intruder enters the camera’s field of vision, recording is automatically triggered through the Motion Detection feature. While two-way audio support with external microphone or speaker connectivity enables users to warn off trespassers/intruders.

With IP Surveillance Cameras Multiple authorized parties can simultaneously view real-time footage anytime, anywhere from the same camera through web browsers.

  • Digitized video offers much higher resolution than their analog predecessors.
  • Intelligent functions embedded in surveillance equipment can detect, identify, and track objects in real-time reducing false alarms.
  • Connection with 3G cellular phones allows for a mobile surveillance system in the palm of your hand.