Conference Room Solutions

Video collaboration is mission-critical for productive and efficient meetings when everyone can’t be in the same location. In many environments getting the most out of video meetings requires multiple displays, flexible audio configurations, and the ability to easily switch between many content sources. The Polycom® Centro is the ideal solution for meetings that require the best performance and flexibility, from boardrooms to large lecture halls. Traveling hundreds of miles for a face-to-face conversation when video conferencing is out dated in today’s business environment. This is one of many options we can provide for any size business and any size conference room.

Some of the innovative features included with Polycom are:

  • Polycom Acoustic Fence technology dramatically improves the most important component of the VVX experience – voice clarity by keeping business conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions.
  • Auto frame and zoom -Don’t waste any time adjusting the camera view. Polycom EagleEye Producer automatically frames and zooms in on the participants no matter where they are in the room. Make sure everyone is seen and heard clearly in the video conference. –
  • HD Voice – Polycom HD Voice technology delivers more than twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls to enhance communication and understanding. You’ll save time, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

Additionally, we carry products from Yealink which provide Desktop and Mobile video solutions that seamlessly add video to your telephone conversations, allowing remote workers to see, hear and interact together no matter where they are physically located.

Video Conferencing System VC800

  • Built-in 24-site multipoint and can be divided into two virtual meeting rooms
  • 1080P/60FPS and 12x optical PTZ camera
  • H.265/HEVC video codec, 1080P from 512Kbps bandwidth
  • Super video packet loss recovery technology, resistant up to 30%
  • 5-inch touchable conference phone with Harman Kardon speaker
  • Two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones
  • Two HDMI output and two HD content input (HDMI + Mini-DP)
  • Integrate with leading cloud platforms: Yealink Cloud, Yealink Meeting Server, StarLeaf, Pexip, Mind, Zoom and BlueJeans